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"Teenz has been a fantastic experience for my son and has been instrumental in the progress he's made over the past year."



Social Skills Development

Through community based outings, our members have the ability to work on critical skills such as making and maintaining friendships, independence, reading social cues, and increasing their awareness of expected pro-social behaviors. Members are provided with strategies and encouraged to engage each other in conversation in order to get to know each other while they practice conversation skills such as sustaining conversation and maintaining good eye contact.


While out in the community, members have the opportunity to engage in supervised conversation with individuals such as a waiter, MTA employee, or clerk at a supermarket which aids in improving their self-advocacy skills and confidence. The acquisition of these skills are critical for our members to become successful citizens of the 21st century and their own self-advocates as they transition into adulthood.


Travel Training

Our members take an active role in planning the travel route to and from our destination. Each week, a member is appointed as the group leader, and they help guide the group. Our members are taught how to use web applications such as Moovit and Google maps, in order to learn how to navigate the New York City public transportation system. Between sessions our members' are encouraged to utilize these sites in order to increase their comfort level and confidence. 


Executive Functioning

A strong emphasis is placed on executive functioning skills including time management, organization, attention, flexibility, and impulse control. During sessions, members are encouraged to stay within a specific monetary budget in order to increase their knowledge of and comfort level with monetary transactions.

Outing to Bowlmor Lanes

What makes Teenz In

The City Unique?

Teenz In The City is unlike other social skills groups out there! Each week, our members participate in fun and engaging activities in the community such as visiting a new museum exhibit, dining at a teen friendly restaurant, or engaging in a friendly sport or recreational activity. Through these community-based outings, we help our members not only build confidence and develop independence, but make meaningful friendships in the process.

We maintain a high staff-to-member ratio of clinically trained staff, in order to create individualized plans that meet the needs of each member. Members’ interests and goals help to shape the program and the activities that are chosen.


We have catalogued the outings we have organized and the skills we taught with both with words and images. Visit our "Past Events & Blog" to read our blog and learn more about our program.


Travel training w. Martine

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