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Hard Rock Cafe

Girls Teenz had a great time at Hard Rock Cafe dining and seeing all of the interesting music memorabilia. We used our Moovit app to determine the most efficient way to travel to Hard Rock and decided to take the express 4/5 train to Times Square and the S, Shuttle train to Times Square. After we exited the train, we used Google Maps with the audio funtion to walk to our destination. We learned that Hard Rock was founded in London in 1971 and since then it has expanded to 191 locations in 59 countries! While checking out the memorabilia, we saw an outfit that Lady Gaga wore on her birthday and one outfit Nicki Minaj wore at a performance a few years ago. While at lunch, we talked about our week and heard about one of our member’s recent trips to Egypt. We agreed on the importance of taking a "technology break," without our phones, to be sure we were actively listening to one another. We used our Tip Calculator app to determine an appropriate tip at the conclusion of our meal and also how much each person should pay. Before hopping on the subway downtown, we did a short trip to H&M to check out the winter clothes. The girls liked seeing each other try on hats and accessories and had a blast together! We look forward to our scavenger hunt next session!

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