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Chinatown Fair Arcade

Our High School group had a great time this weekend at the Chinatown Family Fun Center. The group met at our meeting spot, and used Google to look up the address of our destination. The group then used The Moovit app on their smart phones to search the best travel route. The group decided on taking the 6 train downtown however, upon getting on the train we learned that the trains were only running express and would not be stopping at Canal Street, a local stop. The group members problem solved alternative options and discussed other routes that we could take. One group member suggested transferring to the N or R train at Union Square. It was great to see our members demonstrate great problem solving and flexibility using the subway map as a guide to help them during this unexpected train situation. The group then used google maps walking directions to guide the group from the subway to the arcade. While at the arcade, our members engaged each other in friendly competitive play. A highlight of the session was a member vs. group leader air hockey match, and a dance dance revolution game. It was a really fun outing and nice day with our friends!

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