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Grand Central Scavenger Hunt

Our middle school group had a great time on our Grand Central scavenger hunt this weekend. Our members were split up into teams and given clues about various locations around Grand Central Station. The members looked up the directions on the Moovit app and decided that the uptown 6 train was the best route to take them to the Grand Central. The members spent time discussing the clues and using teamwork and conversation skills to find the solutions. Some of the clues required the members to use their phones to look up interesting facts about the history of the station. Others required members to ask employees for directions or find a map to help them figure out where the next clue might be. Members enjoyed the challenge and learned some fun new facts about Grand Central Station. Throughout the scavenger hunt our members were encouraged to work together as a team demonstrating teamwork, flexibility and problem solving skills. At the end of the scavenger hunt, the group engaged in conversation to process their experience discussing the interesting facts and hidden secrets they learned on the scavenger hunt.

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