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Staying Warm at Gyu-Kaku

Our Middle School girls group braved winter storm Jonas and had a great outing to Gyu-Kaku Korean BBQ. Before departing from our meeting spot, the group dedicated time to determine the travel route to the restaurant and used a large visual map to better understand Manhattan, in particular the direction the avenues (North and South) and streets run (East and West). The girls decided on taking the 6 train downtown 4 stops and getting off at the 51st street station. The girls then walked East to reach Third Ave to arrive at the restaurant. Over lunch, the girls engaged in friendly conversation as they continued to get to know each other better. They were reminded of the rules of reciprocal conversations in particular the importance of the speaker listener roles. The girls really enjoyed being able to cook their own food on the grill in particular dessert making their own delicious s'mores. When the bill arrived, the girls were cued to use the tip calculator app in order to determine an appropriate tip and the total bill. It was a really fun outing and we look forward to visiting Gyu-Kaku again soon!

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