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Discovery Times Square: Star Wars Exhibit

Our members absolutely loved the Star Wars Costume Exhibit at Discovery Times Square! We decided to take the uptown 6 train and transfer to the S train (Shuttle) to Times Square. Our members used Moovit and Google Maps to navigate our way to the exhibit. When we arrived, we were able to take in all of the various costumes from the many Star Wars films we know and love. The exhibit featured over 70 costumes and revealed many of the connections between character and costume. We were even able to see Darth Vader's costume and C-3PO! It was a terrific time, and we always look forward to returning to Discovery Times Square in the future! While at lunch at Pax Wholesome Foods, we discussed our favorite Star Wars films and which costumes we liked the best. Members engaged nicely with one another and clearly had a shared affinity for Star Wars and the work of George Lucas. Next week, we will head to Dave & Busters!

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