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We Want S’more of Gyu-Kaku

Our Middle School boys group had a great time this weekend at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ. Using their prior knowledge of public transportation, the group discussed the best travel route to the restaurant and decided to take the 6 train uptown to 51st Street and Lexington Avenue. They double-checked to see if this was the best route on their phones using the Moovit app. After getting off the subway, the group walked East to 3rd Avenue and South to 50th street and arrived at Gyu-Kaku. When we arrived at the restaurant, the boys enjoyed getting to know each other by playing the game two truths and a lie. The group practiced being active listeners when other members were speaking. The group did a wonderful job taking into consideration how much money they had when ordering their meals. They also learned how to ask if other group members were interested in sharing food. The boys enjoyed cooking their own food and learned how to determine when their food was ready to eat. The highlight of the meal was making s’mores for dessert! After the group was done eating, the boys used the tip calculator app in order to determine an appropriate tip and the total bill. It was a really fun outing and we look forward to s’more trips to Gyu-Kaku!

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