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Keeping Warm at City Bakery

Our middle school boys group ventured out into the cold and went to City Bakery. The group used the travel app Moovit to determine the best route to get there. We decided to take the 6 train downtown to Union Square and walked North to 18th street and West to 5th avenue. When we arrived at City Bakery, the group used their money management skills to determine what they could buy for lunch. They also had to make sure they had enough money left over to try the Valentine’s Day special “Love Potion” hot chocolate. The group used their self-advocacy skills to find out where to pay as well as ask for prices. The members engaged in friendly conversation over lunch and discussed their plans for the rest of the February break.

After the group finished eating, we discussed the best way to get back to Bread and Butter. Due to the cold weather, one of the group members suggested we take a cab. We discussed how to hail a cab and how to determine whether or not a cab was On Duty or had a passenger in it. Another group member suggested that we take an Uber. We discussed the differences between taking a cab and an Uber. Since there were 5 of us, we would need a van or we would have to split up and take two cabs. The group determined the cost of that versus taking an Uber SUV. In the end, the group decided to take an Uber SUV and learned how to use the app. When we got into the Uber, one of the boys told the driver where we were going. We spoke about our next few trips and it is wonderful to see that the group is looking forward to all of the future trips! Despite the cold weather, the group enjoyed their lunch, special hot chocolate and socializing with each other.

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