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Flavor: Making it and Faking It....

Our High School group braved the cold this weekend and had a great outing to The Museum of Food & Drink in Brooklyn. The group discussed the best way to get to the museum including subway and Uber. Our members calculated the cost of taking an Uber versus taking the subway and they decided that it was worth the extra money to stay warm inside a car on this frigid day. While at the museum, our members explored the Flavor: Making It and Faking It Exhibit and learned all about what "natural" and "artificial" means and discovered how different flavors such as vanilla and seaweed inspired the science of flavor simulation. We were able to create different aromas using the one-of-a-kind MOFAD "smell synth" and engaged in a delicious experiment in which they each ate different flavors of Jelly Beans with their eyes closed, and had to guess what flavor they thought they were eating. It was a really fun experiment an interesting to see what flavors they each tasted. Talking all about food and flavor, we worked up quite an appetite, and the group ventured to Lorimer Deli for a delicious Italian lunch. It was a great outing and interesting museum to check out!

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