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Pizza Party

Our Middle School boys group had a great time this weekend at Pie by the Pound. After using the travel app Moovit, the group decided to take the 6 train downtown to Union Square- 14th street. When we got off the 6 train, we reviewed our N,E,S,W acronym in order to help us get to our destination. We walked east to 4th Avenue and South to 12th street.

When we arrived at Pie by the Pound, the group members used their money management skills to determine what they could buy for lunch. There were several pizza pies to choose from and each member had the option to eat more than one type of pizza.

The members engaged in friendly conversation over lunch and played several games, such as Jenga and Connect Four. They cheered each other on and displayed good sportsmanship when the games were over. Some of the boys also enjoyed showing pictures of their pets to each other.

On the subway home, the boys felt more confident about knowing the route home. They all knew which stop to get off at and how to get back to Bread and Butter. The boys were all in agreement that the pizza they ate was delicious! In addition, they all enjoyed socializing and playing games.

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