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Karaoke Fun

Our middle school boys group had a wonderful time at Karaoke Duet 35 on Sunday afternoon. While there were many ways to travel to our destination, our group chose to walk. We used our knowledge of North, East, South and West to help guide us. During our walk, group members socialized and found some common interests, especially in tv shows, comics and anime. When we arrived at Karaoke Duet 35, we got a private room to sing our favorite songs. Each member had the chance to look in the book of songs and choose a song to sing. The group sang all genres of music and some members demonstrated impressive rapping skills. A few of the group members were hesitant to sing and were extremely nervous, but once we started singing, everyone joined in. Many of the group members stepped outside their comfort zone and tried karaoke for the first time. While not everyone wanted to sing alone, many group members sang duets as well as group songs. They did a wonderful job communicating with each other and deciding which song they wanted to sing. The group even broke out some of their dance moves and everyone had a dance party. Even the group facilitators participated in the singing and dancing. A great time was had by all!

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