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Supermarket Sweep

Our Girls Group had a great time this weekend on our supermarket sweep outing at Gristedes. We discussed their role in how each of their families typically get groceries (fresh direct, Costco, and other local supermarkets). We compared these options weighing different factors such as convenience and price. We distributed a list of 20 common household items including milk, eggs, paper towels, peanut butter & jelly. The girls were given time to carefully review the list and take their best guess on the price of each item. Upon arrival to the supermarket, we discussed how the supermarket was dived into sections (i.e. produce, diary, deli) The girls navigated the store using the signs on each aisles as a guide. When an item was unable to be located, the girls advocated for assistance from a store associate which was excellent practice. Many members were surprised at the cost of certain items and expressed that they would think differently about grocery shopping in the future. This awareness of budgeting is critical to developing increased independence. We look forward to doing more activities like this in the future!

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