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Chocolate Heaven

Our middle school boys group had a delicious meal at Max Brenner on Sunday afternoon. The group used the Moovit app to determine our route, which was to take the 6 train downtown to 14th Street- Union Square. When we arrived at Max Brenner, there was an hour wait. While everyone was disappointed, the group brainstormed alternate restaurants and all of the boys showed great flexibility. Each group member suggested types of food and on our way to the new restaurant, we were informed that our table at Max Brenner was ready. The boys continued to show flexibility and we went back to eat at Max Brenner. The menu had so many delicious options, so it took a while for everyone to decide what they were ordering. Group members spoke to each other about how good the menu options were and used their money management skills to determine what they could order. While we were waiting for the food to arrive, the boys spoke about their weekends as well as their interests, such as video games and acting. After we finished eating, some of the boys used their advocating skills to ask the waitress to wrap up their food so they could take it to go. The boys remembered how to get home and we retraced our route. Everyone had a fun time at Max Brenner and went home feeling very full of chocolate.

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