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Singing Their Hearts Out

If Karaoke was a sport, we would have some gold medalists. We introduced a new member to the group, and all of the girls enjoyed having a new member join our middle school girls group. We planned out the most convenient location using the Moovit application, mapping out the quickest route, and we were on our way. On the train we were plotting the songs that we would sing once we got to Karaoke. We had a stranger stop us on the street to comment on something a girl was wearing. We had a quick conversation with the lady, and she told us about her son and how he was the producer for the Ellen Show. We were flexible and responsive to this stranger.

There were a ton of songs that we wanted to sing; some of them were in Duet form inviting each other to join in on the song including any members that seemed like they wanted to join in. We had some solo acts as well, and the pipe on these ladies was impressive! The Karaoke place sold snacks, and all the girls were sharing their snack with one another. After this, we showed some flexibility and decided we would take the bus back to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This was the first time that we took the bus together, and we were able to learn a new route. This was a great group showing flexibility and inclusion of our new group member as well as all of the girls together while we sang our hearts out and had a great Sunday!

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