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SPIN Ping Pong

The middle school boys group had a ball today playing Ping-Pong at Spin. The group members decided to walk to Spin and used google maps to help them navigate their way. At Spin, the group members enjoyed taking turns playing Ping-Pong. Since not everyone could play at once, group members had to show flexibility and patiently wait for their turn to play. While the group members were waiting to play, we engaged in a game of Heads Up, which is a word guessing game that requires players to communicate hints in order to guess the word on the screen. The group chose several categories such as Super Heroes, Just for Kids and Video Games. The group was having so much fun playing Heads Up, that at one point no one was even playing Ping-Pong. Before we left, we discussed the importance of being aware of our surroundings and making sure not to walk behind someone who was playing Ping-Pong. The group members carefully planned out the best route to leave Spin.

After Spin, the group went to Subway where they could “eat fresh.” When we arrived at Subway, we spoke about the best ways to budget our money and the importance of not spending all the money we have. Group members socialized while they ate their food and enjoyed this time together.

After the group returned to Bread and Butter, we had a wrap up meeting, where each group member said their high and low of the day. This was a wonderful way for the members to communicate what they enjoyed about the group and what they did not. Some of the highs included socializing, playing Heads Up, ordering food and paying for it by themselves, trying new food and playing Ping-Pong. Overall, everyone had a ball!

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