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Intrepid Museum

The middle school boys group had a wonderful time at the Intrepid Museum. We used the Moovit app to determine the best route to the museum. The group chose to take the 6 train uptown to Grand Central and then took the M42 bus crosstown. This was our first time taking the bus, so we discussed how to find the bus, how to use our metro cards to get on the bus and how to signal that we want to get off the bus. While we were on the bus, the group members discussed the history of the Intrepid. One group member even shared that they filmed I am Legend with Will Smith at the Intrepid. Each member was able to share some information about the Intrepid, whether they had been there before or not. When we arrived at the museum, we had to wait on a long line. While the boys were eager to go inside and explore the museum, they were all extremely patient. They used this time to socialize and mainly had conversations about Star Wars and video games.

As soon as we entered the museum, we explored the flight deck, where we saw more than two-dozen authentically restored aircrafts. We also went on board the Aircraft Carrier and walked through the ship, which everyone really enjoyed. When we finished exploring the flight deck, half of the group wanted to see the Submarine, while the other half wanted to go to the Hangar deck. Group members showed flexibility and compromised so that we could go to the Hangar deck. We saw some of the weapons that they used as well as interactive exhibits. Group members even had the chance to lie down in a bed and see what it felt like to sleep aboard the ship. All of the boys were in agreement that the beds were extremely uncomfortable. Before we left the museum, we spent some time in the gift shop, where the boys had to use their money management skills.

On the bus ride back to Bread and Butter, all of the group members shared their highs and lows about the day. Some of the highs included taking the bus for the first time, exploring the flight deck, walking around the Aircraft Carrier and going to the gift shop. Most of the boys did not have a low because they enjoyed everything about the day. Even though we didn’t get to see every exhibit, everyone had an exciting day at the Intrepid Museum. We look forward to exploring more in the future!

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