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Johnny Rockets

This weekend our High School group dined at 1950s diner-style Johnny Rockets. Using the Moovit app members discussed two travel options to the restaurant. It was decided that we would take the 6 train to 51st street and walk 5 blocks to the restaurant. However, upon boarding the train we discovered that the 6 train was skipping 51st street and instead stopping at 59th street. Members exhibited great flexibility and discussed a new walking route to the restaurant. While traveling and enjoying our meals members practiced their conversation skills. We discussed spring break plans and how everyone has been enjoying their weekend. Members talked about how to show each other that they are listening, such as looking at the person talking and responding to each others comments with their own thoughts. We had some extra time after lunch so members decided to visit Dylan’s Candy Bar. There, members enjoyed looking around and practicing money management skills while deciding how much candy is appropriate to buy.

It was a fun day enjoyed by all. We are looking forward to our outing next week!

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