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The MOMATH the better!

The middle school boys group had a great time at the Museum of Mathematics. Since it was only a few blocks away from Bread and Butter, the group walked to the museum and used Google Maps to help guide us. On our walk to the museum, group members engaged in reciprocal conversation and discussed some of their interests, such as video games, acting and filmmaking. When we arrived at the museum, the group enjoyed exploring many of the exhibits, especially the Tracks of Galileo, the Mathenaeum, Beaver Run and the Math Square. The boys enjoyed experiencing these exhibits together and were eager to help each other. Even though the museum was small, group members had to show flexibility and compromise on which exhibits to see. At the end of our visit, we looked around the gift shop and found some interesting items to buy. On the walk home, group members tried to write a song about being in Teenz in the City. One group member even came up with a slogan “we can survive anything!” There was a great deal of positive energy in the group today, which helped make the day enjoyable for everyone. The group had a fun and stimulating time at the Museum of Math and we hope to return again in the future.

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