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Isaac Mizrahi Exhibit: An Unruly History

We were fashionably on time this Sunday! We traveled to see the Isaac Mizrahi exhibit at the Jewish Museum. For our middle school girls group, fashion is an interest that we all share. We decided that it would be good to refresh our memory on how to take the city bus. We took the M2 on Madison Avenue uptown to 92nd street and walked west towards Fifth Avenue. We welcomed a new member to the group and we started the group out with some conversation starters to get to know our new member. We entered the museum and were able to enjoy the decades of Isaac Mizrahi designs and photographs as well as a video that would play roles that Mr. Mizrahi starred on television and movies. The museum video played a continuous loop of runway shows displaying the clothing from the exhibit, as well as the entire ensemble for the season. We were so lucky to have a guest speaker join Teenz in the City, the very famous super model, Veronica Webb. Miss Webb was a model in the 1990’s and was in some of the exhibits photographs, and she had worn some of the dresses on display in runway shows, parties, and TV shows. We were able to initiate conversations and ask Miss Webb whatever we wanted in regards to

her involvement with Isaac Mizrahi. We processed the information from Miss Webb, of how she and we all can, follow our dreams and accomplish whatever we love. After the tour of the exhibit, we walked over and had lunch together. We had a lot of conversation, some about going back to school after spring break; some singing in the street took place on our way back towards the end of Teenz. All in all, we had a great time and interactive experience with our bus travel and our guest,

Veronica Webb!

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