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Mast Brother's Chocolate Factory Tour

We have the golden ticket metro card, and we're off to the one and only Mast Brother’s Chocolate Factory. Some of our members filled out the travel worksheet, so that we could quickly plan out the most effective route. Being prepared helped speed up the process of getting to our destination with more time to spare and even time for a meal! We promptly left the upper east side, and traveled on the 6 local train. There was construction on the express 4 & 5 trains, so we showed flexibility and stayed on the local train. This caused us to be late, and this was an experience in time management. Luckily we were able to have the full tour of the factory! We learned the entire process of how the chocolate is made, and were able to taste the raw cocoa bean. We asked questions, and tasted many flavors of the amazing chocolate that comes to fruition. We engaged in reciprocal conversation with our tour guide, and were able to meet others in the process and engage them with some solid interview questions. After eating dessert first, because you know what they say, “life is short “, so we then went for pizza! We all sat around the table and engaged in conversation on topics such as spring break, and some similar interests like TV shows, and acting. We enjoyed our Sunday, and made it back in time to enjoy the rest of the sunny day!

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