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Superheroes for the Day

The middle school boys group had a wonderful time at St. Mark’s Comics. We used the Moovit app to find the most efficient travel route and took the 6 train downtown to Astor Place. On our way to the comic store, group members engaged in reciprocal conversation about their favorite comics and superheroes. They also discussed what comics they would like to buy at the store. When we arrived, the group explored the comic store and found several comics they were interested in. They asked many intelligent questions about the comics in the store and found out a great deal of interesting information from the people who worked there. All of the members displayed great money management skills and each bought a comic that was within their budget. The group went to S’mac for a delicious meal where they had the ability to create their own macaroni and cheese dish. While the group ate lunch, we spoke about what they liked about the comic store. We asked the group members to write a review about St. Mark’s comics and here are some of the words they used to describe the comic store: epic, cool, fantastic, very good, polite people, helpful, awesome and it was cool to see the old comics. There was a great deal of positive energy in the group today, which helped make the day enjoyable for everyone. The group had a wonderful time at St Mark’s Comics and S’mac and we hope to return again in the future.

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