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Brooklyn Charm Jewelry

It was raining beads on this Sunday's Teenz as we crossed into Williamsburg on the L train. We planned the quickest route, but we experienced a change in the express route on the 4/5 train. We learned that typically construction is done on the weekends, often causing a delay in timing. We showed flexibility and learned to keep in mind these delays when making plans on the weekends.

Once we arrived, we spent a perfect rainy day choosing the charms that we would put on our bracelets. We learned to budget while making these charm bracelets. Understanding that we have to factor in all costs of the proposed activities, we were able to set a limit on what we were able to spend in order to create our jewelry.

After we were decked out in our bling, we went to Vinnie's pizza that is known for their crazy slices, tried the BBQ chicken, Buffalo chicken and blue cheese, and MAC & CHEESE pizza!

After this, we went to an antique/junk shop in Williamsburg that had all sorts of objects from furniture, old beanie babies, glassware and just about anything you could think of! We played an improv game, where we each found an object in the store and told a story about its past. Showing creativity, flexibility, and expressed all of our theatrical talents. We then headed back to the upper east side; the reverse route was running express. Alas!

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