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Supermarket Sweep

Price check in aisle 4! The middle school boys group had a great time this weekend participating in our Supermarket Sweep outing at Fairway. We distributed a list of 20 common household items including milk, eggs, paper towels, peanut butter & jelly. We split up into two small groups, which gave the members an opportunity to work as part of a team as well as improve their problem solving skills. The boys were given time to carefully review the list and take their best guess on the price of each item. Upon arrival to the supermarket, we discussed how the supermarket was divided into sections (i.e. produce, dairy, deli). The boys navigated the store using the signs on each aisle as a guide. When they were unable to locate an item, the boys learned how to find a Fairway employee and advocate for assistance, which was excellent practice. We also showed the boys how to look for sales and how to determine the best product without spending too much money. Both groups worked well together and completed the activity in a timely manner.

After leaving Fairway, we went to eat lunch and discussed the activity. Both groups felt proud of what they had accomplished and spoke highly of this activity. Many of the group members were surprised at the cost of certain items and expressed that they would think differently about grocery shopping in the future. This awareness of budgeting is critical to developing increased independence. We look forward to doing more activities like this in the future!

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