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A Breezy Trip Over the Brooklyn Bridge

Teenz In The City had a great outing this weekend walking the Brooklyn Bridge and visiting Grimaldi's pizzeria! We used the Moovit app to determine our travel route to Brooklyn. We decided to take the 6 train to Bleecker St. and transfer to the F or C train, which we discovered was running on the F line. This was a teachable moment for the group to remember to listen to all announcements with weekend service changes on the subway. Upon arrival to Brooklyn, we used Google Maps walking directions to navigate to Grimaldi's. Upon arrival to Grimaldi's our members discussed their preferences when it comes to various types of pizza that they enjoy and decided on what toppings we wanted to order on our pizzas . While enjoying our pizza members engaged in friendly conversation and discussed how many more days of school they have left and exciting summer plans. After our lunch, the group walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoyed the beautiful views. As we walked we read the plaques on the bridge and learned construction of the bridge began in 1869 and was opened for use in 1883. It was a great outing to Brooklyn and a great day spent to enjoy each other's company!

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