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Big Daddy's Diner

The middle school boys group traveled back in time to the 1980’s this weekend and had a delicious lunch at Big Daddy’s Diner. The group enjoyed good food, good tunes and good conversation at this old-school classic diner. The group chose to walk and used google maps to help them find their way. When we arrived, the group members did a wonderful job ordering their food, while keeping in mind how much money they had. Both group members used their advocacy skills to ask the waiter several questions, such as how much drinks cost and what sides came with their food. The diner was extremely busy and it took a while for our food to come, but both group members were extremely patient. We spoke about how to appropriately ask the waiter if our food was going to be coming soon. The boys came up with a script and the group facilitator modeled this script by asking the waiter. While we waited for our food to come, we played a trivia game to help pass the time and both members worked together to answer each question. Since one of the group members was new, we also did some get to know you activities. The entire group enjoyed their delicious meals as well as the music that was playing. After we ate, the group members used tip calculator to determine an appropriate tip to leave. We left Big Daddy’s Diner and transported back to 2016 and headed back to Bread and Butter.

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