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Central Park Zoo

Snow Leopards, Seals, and Penguins! Oh my! Teenz In The City went to the Central Park zoo for this Sunday's outing. We all met at our usually meeting place and worked together to decide on the quickest route. We decided the most efficient route would be to take the express 4/5 train one stop heading downtown to 59th street. We arrived after a walk going west towards 5th avenue. We made it just in time to watch the sea lions for their feeding. It was a glorious performance. As a group we looked at the zoo map and came to an agreement of the exhibits and animals we would visit. We went to the tropic zone, then off to the tundra to see the penguins swim around! After leaving the penguin room, we met some high school interns. We talked with them about the internship program that the Central Park Zoo has, and they told us about their experience and how much they enjoyed the opportunity to work and learn with the animals. A few of us decided we would apply for this position! We took a seat and enjoyed some reciprocal conversation about our upcoming holiday weekend as we enjoyed an outdoor lunch. After lunch, half the group wanted to do more exploring of the animal kingdom and the other wanted to go to the gift shop. So we split into two groups and saw more animals, stuffed or alive. As we came to a close, we concluded the most convenient route back would be to take the bus. So we got out our Moovit app and located the bus stop on Madison Avenue and 66th street. This was the most efficient and agreeable transit option, and we were back to our meeting stop in what felt like no time. Today we saw so many animals, had some vintage ice cream and the sun came out just for us and the animal kingdom.

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