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Dumplings for Everyone

The middle school boys group had a delicious meal at Joe’s Ginger in Chinatown. We used the Moovit app to find the most efficient travel route and took the 6 train downtown to Canal Street. When we got off the subway, we used google maps to navigate our way to the restaurant. On our way to Chinatown, group members engaged in reciprocal conversation about their weekend plans as well as what food they were going to order when we arrived at the restaurant. We even looked up the history of Chinatown and found out that New York City’s Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in the United States.

After arriving at the restaurant, we discussed what we were going to eat. The menu was extremely appealing to everyone and we struggled with deciding what to order. The group facilitators suggested that group members share meals in order to avoid ordering too much food and not having enough money. We discussed the importance of being aware of tax and tip when deciding what to order. Group members discussed what food they wanted and were able to share entrees, while ordering a variety of dumplings for the table. The pork soup dumplings were a huge hit with our group and we had to order more because we couldn’t just stop at one. We were extremely proud of some of the group members for stepping outside of their comfort zones and trying new foods as well as offering to share their meals with their peers. Some group members even learned how to use chopsticks. After we finished eating, the group used the Tip Calculator app to help them figure out how to split the bill and how much of a tip to give the waiter. The group had a wonderful time in Chinatown and enjoyed their delicious meal at Joe’s Ginger. Everyone left the restaurant feeling full and satisfied.

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