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Smorgasburg 2016

You say TOMATO, I say TAMATO! We say Smorgasburg! We had a blast this weekend eating our way through our budgets! The weather was beautiful and the tents were looking great. Our middle school girls and co-ed high school groups gathered at Bread & Butter for our pilgrimage to Brooklyn. As a group we discussed the various ways that we could reach the food festival. We decided that taking the N/R train from 28 & Broadway, and transfer at Union Square to the express Q train. We took the Q train to the Prospect Park stop. While we waited for the Q train to arrive, we learned how to use the interactive map. This is a touch computer that has been placed in most of the subway stations and helped guide us, once were underground and there is no cellular service. Being able to properly use this map will help in situations where we become overwhelmed. A few of us routed the ways we could get from Union Square back to our houses or schools. We arrived at Smorgasburg and found our cravings would be met! We used budgeting to decide how much we could purchase, and gathered for a picnic. We did several runs for seconds and desserts and enjoyed our Sunday in the sun and vegging out! What a blast!

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