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Summer Program: Session Two Recap

As our second session comes to a close, our members had another wonderful week of growing their friendships, developing their knowledge of the NYC community and focusing on money management, all while engaging in very exciting outings. Our week's theme was money management, and members discussed budgeting with the group leaders each day and being mindful of staying within the amounts they had in their wallets. In addition, we focused on keeping our wallets organized for easy access to metrocards, money and other important items. This is a very critical skill that will continue to be a focus for our Teenz members.

During this week, members went on a Pizza Tour, trying three different types of pizza in Soho and raiting their taste, crunch, and flavor. We all left Monday with a very full stomach! Members took part in a scavenger hunt, mostly in Gramercy and in Central Park, where we had to focus carefully on our travel training skills. We had so much fun in Central Park and really enjoyed the cooler day. On Wednesday, we went to Discovery Times Square to the Star Wars exhibit, which was a favorite of many members. Coney Island was also a hit for the famous Nathan's Hot Dogs on the boardwalk, going on rides and playing games. Finally, on Friday, the NY Transit Museum allowed us to walk on and explore old subway trains, learn about how the subway tunnels were built and also about how the transit department reacts during issues where the NYC community's safety has been impacted. We can't wait for Session Three to start on Monday!

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