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Fall 2016 Kick Off: Craft Studio

Teenz In The City's girls group started off this semester with a masterpiece! It was great to be reunited with some of our returning members and openly welcomed some new friends to our group. We engaged the girls in an ice breaker activity to get to know each other using skittles candy to guide our introductions and help facilitate the conversation. Each member had the opportunity to share a little more about themselves, what they did this summer, what they are hoping to get out of our program, and things that make them each unique. It was great to see so many shared interests and commonalities among our members. After the icebreaker, we took a short stroll on the sunny upper east side and headed to create our masterpieces at The Craft Studio. We engaged the girls in a conversation on budgeting their money and assisted each of them in deciding on the piece they were going to beautify, and began to create our first Teenz in the City memory. As we all know being an artist can require some fuel, and after completion of our project, the group headed to a near by pizza shop and ate the rest of our budgets away. On our route back, it was a unanimous decision to browse through a street fair on the route to meet their parents. All in all this was an awesome kick off to an exciting year! We look forward to a great semester with Teenz In The City!

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