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Sunday at San Gennero Feast

Today we had our passports (metro cards) and we traveled to Little Italy for the 90th annual Festival of San Gennero! We all arrived before our trip to discuss the best route, and luckily there were four to choose from! We all came to a unanimous decision to use the route with the quickest travel time. We decided as a group to take the express 4/5 train and transfer at Union Square-14th street for the local 6 train, taking us straight to (little) Italy!

Once we arrived our senses were over run with pasta, pizza, cannolis, friend Oreos, and gelato! We even stopped for some prize winning carnival games. As a group we discussed what we would like to do. Either eat on the run, or sit down and have a proper lunch! We agreed it would be best for a sit down. Our waiters taught us some great Italian words, such as frommage & grazie! Using our budgeting skills, we concurred that a lunch special was the way to get the most pasta for our buck! We wrapped up and paid the bill by using our tip calculator. As a group we divided the cost and paid together. It's an Italian tradition to end any meal on a sweet note, so we stopped at the "king of gelato" and completed an authentic Italian feast. Until the 91st San Ganero festival-GRAZI! BRAVO!

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