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Modern Pinball Arcade & Shake Shack Lunch

This week our Boys Group tried their hand at pinball. The group venture to Modern Pinball NYC, an all pinball arcade, for an afternoon of old school fun. Members met at Bread and Butter and discussed the location of Modern Pinball and the most efficient travel route. The group discovered that Modern Pinball was close enough to walk to so we used google maps to find walking directions to our destination. On the walk members engaged in friendly conversation about video games and gaming systems. Group members enjoyed playing on a huge collection of pinball machines from the 70s to the present while pinball documentaries stream across large screen displays. After some serious pinball play the group discussed where they would like to grab a bite to eat. Members looked up what options were in the area and discussed their choices. After some discussion the group compromised on Shake Shack. The group once again used google maps to help us find the most efficient walking direction to the restaurant. While at Shake Shack members utilized their money management skills to help them make appropriate decisions when ordering from the menu. Members engaged in reciprocal conversation and some debate while enjoying their food. The group discussed appropriate communication skills and the importance of flexibility when discussing a difference of opinion with our peers. Pinball was not our original plan for the day but our members showed a lot of flexibility and great positive attitudes when notified of the change in plan. It was a fun afternoon of socializing and making friendly connections. Next week the group will be spending the afternoon at St. Mark’s Comics and a tasty snack in the East Village afterward.

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