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San Gennero Festival Fun

Our High School group had a great time partaking in the festivities at the Feast of San Gennaro on the streets of historic Little Italy in lower Manhattan. The group gathered at our usual meeting spot, Bread and Butter. Members discussed the most efficient travel route to Little Italy, we discovered there were several subway stops that are near or around Little Italy so we discussed what stop would be closest to Mulberry street , where the festival takes place. The group decided to take the 6 train downtown and get off at Spring St.. From there members used google maps to find walking directions to Mulberry St. While we traveled members engaged in friendly conversation and took the chance to welcome new members to the group.

At the festival members explored the various booths and vendors. Group leaders reminded members to budget their money and take their time deciding between games and food they would like to try. Several group members tried new foods, such as fried oreos and cronuts filled with cannoli filling. We enjoyed a slice of pizza as a group, some members rode the ferris wheel, and we had a chance to meet up with the girls group for a quick hello. Throughout the day members socialized and engaged in reciprocal conversation. It was a fun day enjoying a festive New York City tradition. Next week the group is members' choice, members can send in suggestions for outings throughout the week.

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