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TEENZ Night Out: Fall Karaoke Kick Off

On Friday night we kicked off our first fall Teenz Night event! This is a chance for all of our members from the Teenz In The City community to join us for a night of karaoke, friendship, and fun! Our members met at Bread and Butter on 29th and Park, and we walked as a group just a few blocks away to Chorus Karaoke. Our members enjoyed a fun Friday night out filled with karaoke, pizza and lots of laughs in our own private room. When they weren’t singing, members engaged in friendly conversation to help get to know each other better. Each member had the chance to look in the book of songs and choose a song to sing. They did a wonderful job communicating with each other and deciding which song they wanted to sing. They also showed great flexibility when picking the songs. The group sang all genres of music and some members demonstrated impressive rapping skills. A few of the group members were hesitant to sing and were extremely nervous, but once we started singing, everyone joined in. Even the group facilitators participated in the singing and dancing. We were impressed by our talented group and a great time was had by all!

We have some exciting new Teenz Nights planned for the fall, so we look forward to seeing everyone next month!

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