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A Beautiful Fall Sunday at Brookfield Place

Our High School group had a great outing this past weekend exploring Brookfield Place. The group met at our usual meeting spot, Bread and Butter. Members used transit apps Moovit or Citymapper to help them find the most efficient travel route. Members then discussed the various routes and decided to take to R train downtown to Cortlandt Street.

On the train, members discussed the difference between local and express trains and how to determine how many stops away you are from your destination. Some members used the Citymapper app to help them count the stops. Members were excited to walk through the Oculus, the new transportation hub near World Trade Center, which led us right into Brookfield Place.

The group enjoyed the beautiful fall weather while looking at the Viking ship docked in the marina. To get to know new members, group leaders facilitated a "getting to know you game," in which members took turns answering prompted questions. This facilitated friendly discussion and helped member work on active listening and communication skills. Afterward, the group explored the options at the Hudson Eats and enjoyed a nice lunch together before grabbing some Sprinkles cupcakes and heading back to Bread and Butter.

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