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Star Trek- The Starfleet Academy Experience

The middle school boys group had a wonderful time exploring the new Star Trek Experience at the Intrepid Museum. We used the Moovit app to determine the best route to the museum. The group chose to take the 6 train uptown to Grand Central and then the M42 bus crosstown. Due to delays on the bus and subway, the group had to show flexibility and ended up taking an Uber. We spoke about the difference between taking an Uber and a regular cab and how to find the best price when taking an Uber. When we arrived at the museum, group members were helpful and offered to hold the door open for families who had babies. This was a great start to our day. While the boys were eager to go inside and explore the museum, they had to be patient because the Star Trek exhibit was not available until a certain time. They used this time to socialize and mainly had conversations about their interests. We also visited the gift shop and had a photo shoot using some of the exciting gift shop items. This allowed group members to try something new outside of their comfort zone and they were able to be silly and enjoy themselves.

As soon as we entered the Starfleet Academy Experience, the group was able to learn about Star Trek as well as participate in many interactive activities which would help train them to be cadets. Group members showed flexibility and compromised so that each member could pick an activity that they wanted to do. The exhibit was also very crowded, so group members had to be patient once again and wait at each activity. Some of the interactive activities they chose were Phaser Training, a medical examination to diagnose a patient, and a photo activity where they could change the way they look and look more like a Star Trek character. Phaser training was one of the favorite activities and group members were both successful in this activity.

After we left the exhibit, group members shared their highs and lows about the day. Some of the highs included Phaser Training, the entire Star Trek exhibit, pretending to be on the ship and going to the gift shop. The boys did not have a low because they enjoyed everything about the day. Even though we had limited time at the Starfleet Academy, everyone had an exciting day at the Intrepid Museum. We look forward to exploring more in the future!

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