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From Burgers to Broadway!

Ellen’s Stardust Diner welcomed our high school group with tasty food and wonderful live music this weekend. Our group members couldn’t have enjoyed themselves more. In fact, some of our group members were so excited about our outing that they used their great travel skills to meet us at the diner.

While some facilitated their own travels, the remainder of the group met at our usual meeting location in Gramercy. While there, we discussed possible travel routes using the app Moovit. Our group members decided that taking the N train to 49th street and walking a short distance to the diner was our best means of getting to Ellen’s quickly; as we all couldn’t wait to see the aspiring actor wait staff at this 50s inspired restaurant. While en route, our members, who have previous been to Ellen’s, lead various discussions about what they love about this diner.

Once we arrived at 49th street, our members helped to lead the way down 49th street, to 7th avenue, and then to 51st street, where we were met with an enormous line that wrapped around the corner of 51st street and Broadway. As one group facilitator waited with the group, the other went to the front of the line to inform them of our party of seven’s arrival. While we waited on line we were met by two of our group members who traveled on their own to Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

Although the wait was long and some of our members became a bit anxious, we were able to fill the time with great discussions of what fun was to come once we reached inside. Some of our newer group members were also able to use this time to become better acquainted with our more seasoned members. This was very promising as our waiting time was used to spark the beginnings of new friendships that we hope will be long lasting. In no time we were inside and seated. We then spent some time reviewing the menu and using our money management skills to decide on the tastiest items that were also within our budgets. Our members spent the rest of their time getting to know each other, singing along with the wait staff, and munching on some great food.

When our bill came many of our group members did a great job remaining within their budget and contributing the appropriate funds, while others still needed a bit of help working on bettering their money management skills. We discussed the importance of staying within a budget while dining out. We also spoke about the importance of planning, not only to have enough money for the meal, but also for the included taxes and tips.

Our group ended with full bellies, great music, and new friendships. We can’t wait to see what next week has in store for our group.

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