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Rain, Rain Go Away!

We weren't going to let rain ruin our day!

This weekend our Co-ed group had plans to go to the Intrepid Museum, mother nature had other ideas. The group met at our usual meeting spot in Gramercy and talked about the most efficient travel route to the Intrepid. Using the transit apps Moovit and Citymapper members decided to take the 6 train to Grand Central Station and transfer to a cross town bus. Through a series of unfortunate events we were off to a late start but we were determined to get to the museum. We made it to Grand Central and were headed to the bus when we saw it drive by. This was not what we wanted to see. The group walked to the bus stop anyway and waited for the next bus. We waited, and waited, and waited. No bus. Group members were becoming anxious so group leaders took this opportunity to talk to the group about unexpected delays and how we can work around them.

After discussing all the alternative transit options the group decided to keep moving through the rain and walked west on 42nd street to try to catch a cab or get an Uber.

Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, we were not able to go on our planned outing to the Intrepid. Ultimately the group decided that due to the timing of the day it would be better to get lunch together instead nearby at Pret A Manger.

During lunch, the group discussed this unexpected change to the schedule, how they were feeling about the challenges and setbacks, and having them understand that they can't always control the outcome of the day. Although the group members were disappointed they didn't get to the Intrepid, we were able to utilize the unexpected events of today as an important conversation regarding flexibility and managing unexpected situations. We were impressed by our group members high levels of flexibility while trying different travel routes and dealing with unexpected setbacks.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone next week...and hoping that the weather cooperates!

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