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Chelsea Market & Highline

This Sunday we took our crosstown journey to visit the historical old train tracks turned into the beautiful Highline. We decided that taking the express 4/5 train would be the quickest route downtown. We also voted to walk the Highline, then feast at Chelsea Market. When we got on the subway- we realized there was an 11 minute wait on the train schedule. We decided as a group it would be best to take the 6 train instead. We did a little experiment and timed how far we could get on the 6 train rather than waiting for the express to pick us up. We ended up making it all the way to 51st street! We decided at Grand Central that there was no express train we could transfer to, so we stayed on our train and made it to Union Square, where we transferred to the L train. We took the L train west to 8th Avenue, and strolled over the Highline! We saw artists, food, and great views. After enjoying our stroll, we went to Chelsea Market, where we could eat from many different food spots! We had everything from Seafood to Ice Cream. Then after we ate we had time to do a little shopping in the artists corridor at Chelsea Market! We found charms and clothing that was fabulous and we used our budgets and time management to plan for our expenses. We came back uptown, well fed, and well exercised. Another successful Teenz Sunday in the book!

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