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Brooklyn Charm Jewelry Making

Just like a charm bracelet, there is a process, and in today's group we were able to explore our creative side and focus on budgeting as well as having a blast with a side of girl talk, of course. We met in the morning for our jump across the pond to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We concurred as a group to take the express 4/5 downtown to Union Square, as we navigated our way down the the Brooklyn Bound L train. We headed east bound and down where we had whole other Avenues and Numbers. We strolled to North 9th-Brooklyn Charm, where we were given trays and told to create our bracelets and necklaces! We spent our afternoon digging through some of the coolest charms in the Kings Borough. We budgeted with room for the maintenance fees-we left room for Brunch though! While our new bling was being made, we strolled to the South Side of Williamsburg for some Rainbow bagels! Our staff also found out that starting next year, we can attend a bagel making workshop.* We got our schmear on the road back to Manhattan, to conclude our always Sunday Funday! *We are working to arrange a special Teenz In The City Bagel Making Workshop on the schedule for next semester.

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