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TEENZ Night Out: Scavenger Hunt

Teenz In The City had a great TEENZ night this past Friday! Our members' engaged in an exciting, yet challenging scavenger hunt around one of New York City's most famous locations that attracts thousands of tourists each year, and is known for its bright lights, Broadway shows and theme restaurants. Have you solved the first clue?? Our group surely did and used The Moovit app to determine the best travel route to Times Square to begin this scavenger hunt. The group was broken up into two different teams and each group worked really well together utilizing teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills to solve 20 clues and riddles using both prior knowledge, the internet and their own brain power! During the scavenger hunt, our members visited stops including Ripley's Believe It Or Not on 42nd street to discover which animals had two of something that they shouldn't have in nature and discovered an elephant with two trunks and a calf with two heads, M&M world to determine how many different varieties of M&Ms they sold, which theatre was home to the Broadway show CATS, and even found a statue of an actor right in the middle of Times Square! It was a very exciting outing, and we were very impressed by our members ability to work together as a team, while getting to know each other during this fun team building activity open to the whole Teenz In The City community. We are looking forward to doing more activities like this in the future! Stay tuned for more information on our next TEENZ night which will be held on Friday, November 18th.

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