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The Intrepid: Beam Up Scotty!

The co-ed group had a wonderful time exploring the new Star Trek Experience at the Intrepid Museum. We used our transportation apps to determine the best route to the museum. The group chose to take the 6 train uptown to Grand Central and then the shuttle across town to Time Square. From there we enjoyed the beautiful fall weather on our westward walk to the Intrepid. While everyone was excited to get into the museum, members showed great patience and flexibility while we waited in line for some members to purchase tickets. They used this time to socialize and discuss their favorite Star Trek episodes and their Teenz Night experience.

The Starfleet Academy Experience gave group members a chance to learn about Star Trek as well as participate in many interactive activities which would help train them to be Starfleet cadets. Group members showed their ability to independently browse the exhibit while still respecting the time and desires of everyone one in the group.

The exhibit was very crowded, so group members had to be patient once again and wait at each activity. Some of the interactive activities they chose were Klingon lessons, getting “beamed up” to the ship, and the Kobayashi Maru Challenge on the flight deck. Members also enjoyed taking turns sitting in the captain’s chair.

At the end of the experience we were able to look at our results and see how well we did in our cadet training. Even thought it was a short trip, everyone enjoyed learning what it takes to be a member of Starfleet. Our only complaint is that we would have like more time to see the rest of the exhibits at the Intrepid! We look forward to exploring more in the future!

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