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TEENZ-O-WEEN: Jekyll & Hyde

The whole Teenz In The City community got together this past Sunday for our annual Halloween outing to Jekyll and Hyde restaurant in the West Village! Prior to departure, each group reviewed the travel route to the restaurant and decided on the most effective modes of travel. Upon arrival to the restaurant, we were greeted by the hostess, who engaged our members in Halloween jokes and riddles. Our members enjoyed exploring the restaurant and checking out all of the interactive and spooky memorabilia especially finding the hidden bathroom among a wall of "fake bookcases". Our members did a great job in keeping their budget in mind when ordering their lunch. We were very impressed by their budgeting skills and even the use of a calculator to include tip and tax to ensure that they had enough money to order. During lunch, our members engaged each other in friendly, reciprocal conversation continuing to build their friendships and get to know each other. When the bill came, we discussed with the group how to split the bill using our tip calculator app and the extra fees that the group was charged, including a $3 per person entertainment fee. It was a fun outing and great experience being with the whole Teenz In The City community. We are looking forward to our next big Teenz In The City event on Friday November 18th. We hope that everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

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