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Cooking Our Own Lunch: Gyu-Kaku

We had a terrific time at Gyu-Kaku this past weekend experiencing authentic Korean barbecue. We met at Bread & Butter and determined that the uptown 6 train would be the most advantageous route. We double checked street closings due to the NYC Marathon and discussed that we need to exert awareness of all-city events when looking at transportation options. We used our Moovit app to make our subway decision and also used Google Maps when walking from the subway to the restaurant. Upon arrival to the restaurant, we had one member speak to the host and communicate the number in our party. While at the table, one of the group facilitators led the group in table card conversation starters, as we had a new member join this week. We talked about cities we hope to travel to in the future, where we hope to study after high school and where we will be in 10 years time. The cards aided the group in an enjoyable conversation that had everyone in the group engaged with one another and learning new things about each member. We all cooked our own entrees, such as beef, shrimp and various vegetables. Given the grill was small, we had to utilize flexibility with one another and be patient. For dessert, the members decided they would like to toast smores, which were a delicious treat! At the end of the session, we used our tip calculator app to determine how much each member owed and talked about tax, tip and dividing the bill appropriately. It was a wonderful Sunday and we look forward our first Museum of Natural History Scavenger Hunt!

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