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Museum of Natural History: Scavenger Hunt

This week we explored outer space, ancient cultures and ran from a stampede of African Elephants...all while completing a scavenger hunt at the Museum of Natural History! Our group met at our usual meeting spot in Gramercy and discussed the most effective route to the museum. Using our transit apps, the group decided the best option was to take the 6 train to Grand Central, transfer to the 7 to Time Square, and finally transfer to the local C uptown train.

Thanks to one group member's museum membership the group was able to enjoy the museum for free! Before we began our scavenger hunt, members enjoyed lunch in the museum cafe. While eating lunch, members discussed questions on the scavenger hunt list in order to make a game plan to complete it in the allotted time period. Members used the museum map and their smart phones to assist them in deciding where to begin the scavenger hunt and answer several of the questions.

During the scavenger hunt, group members exhibited excellent teamwork and communication skills. Through each exhibit, members took time to find interesting facts and discuss their favorite parts of the museum. Throughout the hunt, the group ran from a stampede of Elephants and sang "Hakuna Matata" with some lions in the hall African Mammals, looked at giant space rocks in the hall of Meteorites, visited the giant blue whale and saw the worlds longest dinosaur.

We left the museum feeling accomplished and tired from our museum adventure. We can't wait to see what fun things we will experience next week!

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