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This past Friday was our monthly Teenz Night outing, and we couldn’t have had a better time, or better food! We had a great turn out for this event with around fifteen members who attended! We also had the pleasure of welcoming a few new members tonight who were met with warm conversations and a friendly atmosphere. We met at our usual meeting location in Gramercy where we decided upon travel directions to Benihana, located up town on West 56th street. Our members found many travel options, using the apps Moovit and Google Maps, to get from our meeting location to our destination. Some suggested we take the uptown R or W Train to 57th street and walk from there to the restaurant, while others mentioned taking the 6 Train uptown to 51st street and walking the remainder of the way to 56th street. After some deliberation, the group decided that walking from our meeting location to the F Train at Harold Square, and then taking the F train to 57th street was the best options when considering the large group size and importance of staying together while traveling. Once we decided upon our travel directions we split into three groups and began our adventure!

As we walked to the uptown F Train our members experienced something that New York City is well known for: CROWED STREETS! As we approached 34th street we, literally, ran into a lot of people on the streets. People seemed to be coming from all directions and were going in and out of stores. Some members expressed their uncomfortable feelings while being in such a big crowd, while other members provided support and reassurance that we would soon be through the big crowd. Within a few minutes we were through the crowd and in the subway.

We only waited a short period of time for our designated F Train and were soon passing the stops between 34th street and 57th street. When we boarded the train our members took initiative in finding the train map and inquiring about the stops we would pass before we got off at 57th street. Soon we arrived at 57th street and exited the train. Once we exited the train and were street level, our members used Google Maps to find walking directions to Benihana. The group quickly realized that Benihana was within our sights as soon as we exited the subway station. Our members quickly made their way to the restaurant and waited, while a group facilitator went inside to reserve a table.

Although there was a wait time, our members utilized great flexibility and coping skills to monitor their anxiety levels. Soon Benihana welcomed our members with tasty food and great entertainment! This Teenz Night outing had such a great turn out that we needed two tables! Our members wasted no time choosing who they sat next to and reviewing the menu. Although this restaurant had what seemed like endless food options, the big hit of the night was their hibachi! Members enjoyed lively conversation as they watched their food being prepared! Our chefs had amazing talent and our members couldn’t have been happier.

At the end of our dinner the members added up their total expenses and paid accordingly. Most of our members showed great budgeting skills, while others found that budgeting is an area that can be improved upon. We quickly decided to take the same return route as we used to come. The group separated into three groups again and began the return trip to our meeting location. Some of our members were able to go home on their own, while others practiced travel training with the rest of the group. When we arrived at our meeting location members exchanged phone numbers and expressed the fun they had to their parents and guardians. We had a wonderful and successful Teenz Night outing this month. We are eagerly looking forward to our next Teenz Night Out!

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