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Black Tap Burger

Crazy milkshakes, delicious burgers, and a great lunch with friends! Our co-ed group traveled to Black Tap Craft Burgers for some artistic milkshakes and good conversation with friends.

The group met at our usual meeting spot in Gramercy and used their phones to look up the address of the restaurant. They then used their travel apps (Moovit, Google Maps) to find the most efficient travel route. The group consensus was to take the 6 train to Union Square and transfer to the west bound L train. It was a quick trip, and in no time the group was in line for a table.

Due to the popularity of their milkshakes, there is usually a long line for a table. Luckily, one of our group facilitators went ahead of the group and saved the group a spot in the line! The average waiting time is usually an hour or more, but group members were only in line for about 20 minutes! While in line, our members showed a great amount of patience and took the time to look at the menu.

Once we were seated, group facilitators reminded everyone of their budget and help members plan their orders accordingly. We used the calculators on our phones to help us figure out how much we were spending.

During lunch members engaged in friendly and reciprocal conversations about their Thanksgiving plans. Unfortunately, no one in our group ordered a crazy milkshake; they opted for the traditional flavors, but we had fun looking at all of the amazingly decorative ones as they walked by. Some had brownies or cotton candy on top of them, while others had candies around the rim.

After lunch, members exhibited their money management skills again when it came time to pay the bill. Members did a great job sticking to their budgets and we were able to pay the bill quickly and efficiently.

We had a great time at Black Tap and a fun day of good company and conversation.

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