New Friends at SPiN Ping Pong

This week Teenz showed off their serves, backhands, and side spins at Spin Ping Pong!

Our boys group and co-ed group joined together this week for great day of building friendships and making new connections. Members met at our usual meeting spot in Gramercy and took some time to meet and greet new and old friends. Once introductions were made, the group used Moovit and Google maps to locate SPiN Ping Pong and find the most efficient travel route. We decided it was close enough to walk and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

At Spin we were able to rent two tables. Members discussed how to efficiently and fairly give everyone a chance to play. Members decided it would be best to play doubles. One table kept score, and the winning team stayed at the table while the losing team rotated out to give a new duo a chance to play. The other table decided practice their volleying skills and just have fun playing, rather than keeping score. All members showed excellent sportsmanship and support for each other. While members weren’t in a game, they spent time engaging in friendly conversations, cheering on their peers, and taking photos at the photobooth!

After an invigorating hour of friendly competition, the group walked to Bravo Pizza for a delicious slice before ending our session. While at Bravo, a friendly arm and thumb wrestling competition broke out. Members showed off their strength and learned that bigger doesn’t always mean stronger.

It was a great day of friendship, competition, and conversation! We are looking forward to seeing everyone next week!