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Holiday Market, Hot Chocolate & Pie by the Pound

Our High School group had a wonderful time getting into the holiday spirit this past weekend at the Union Square holiday market. We met at our usual location and used the Moovit app to determine that the downtown 6 train would be the quickest way to arrive in Union Square on this chilly morning. We met early in order to beat the rush and worked as a team to arrive at the subway station. We reminded our new members of our favorite acronym, NESW (north, east, south, & west/ never, eat, shredded, wheat). Upon our arrival at the market, we split into two groups to make the shopping experience an easier one. Members tried hot chocolate from a few different vendors and did shopping for holiday gifts for family members. Most importantly, members tried to make sure they remained within the budget of money they had in their wallets. This is always a challenge and something members are continuing to work on each week. We also spoke to each other using thoughtful language when asking for feedback about gifts for family members.

After snapping some great Teenz photos, we headed to Pie by the Pound to warm up, eat some delicious pizza and play games together. Pie by the Pound is a Teenz favorite and also offers some delicious gluten free options for members needing that option. While at the restaurant, members engaged in games such as Connect Four, while talking to each other about the upcoming school break and how they will spend it. It was nice to interact with the girls group as well, who also had lunch at the restaurant at the same time. We enjoy talking with new friends and continue to work on how to appropriately engage with new people with the guidance of our group facilitators.

We look forward to next Friday night for the final Teenz Night of the fall semester...a holiday party!

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