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Ripley's Believe It or Not

This Sunday, believe it or not, we met at our usual Bread and Butter to all head out to Ripley's Believe it or Not. We agreed the NRW would be the quickest route, so we walked west and hopped on the local W train to Times Square. On the way into Ripley's, we were handed coupons to use towards our entry cost. We ended up saving $5, which helped with budgeting. As we entered the world of the unknown and impossible, we were shocked by some of the things we learned! We learned of other cultures, and animals born with multiple limbs and heads. We saw how other cultures made art and used natural materials to build amazing masterpieces. Even our senses were challenged with our vision. We had some optical illusions and a black hole simulator leaving some of us with temporary vertigo. We were able to also practice our escapee techniques through a stimulated laser maze. It was a blast, and we spent time deciding on what we wanted for our after-discovery meal. We were able to agree on going to PAX so we could all have something that agreed with our cravings. We all were able to properly budget our money, and some of us so well that we were only left with 3 cents! Following lunch, we headed out back downtown on the same train. We made it back safe and sound with enough time to enjoy the rest of the cold weather weekend.

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